• Hey Siri, How Do I Find Friends After College?

    It Is Time For Recess.

  • What is Recess?

    Recess: Social Fitness Through Childhood Play


    Recess hosts playground-style game sessions for adults. "Recess Games" are in-person, social fitness sessions, that leverage playing children's games. Just like at recess time.


    It's a nostalgic return to recess time, where adults rediscover the joy of play, connect with each other, all whilst transforming the concept of adult play. Recess is not just a game, Recess is leading a social revolution.


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    Not Athletic? Not A Problem!

    Meeting Friends Through Social Fitness For Everyone

    Have Fun, Meet People, Get Some Exercise. It Is Time to Play.

  • Sample Games Played In Our Sessions

    Each Recess Game Session Is A Sequence of Atleast 5 Surprise Games!

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    Capture The Flag

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    Medley Relay

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    Freeze Tag

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    Common Things Game

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    Red Light Green Light

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    Hot Potato

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    Ball Pass Medley

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    Sharks Minnows

  • Tired Of Meeting People Online? Join a Recess Game

    The Healthy Way to "Squid Game"


    Join A Game Session

    You Only Need Yourself To Participate!


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    Let's Play!

    Our 'Recess Games' Are Social Fitness Sessions of Integrative, Classic Playground Games.

  • Recess News From Our Summer 2023 Boston Pilot!



    Our 2023 Summer Pop-Up Games are Closed. We are currently working on the next iteration of Recess.



    Would you recommend Recess to a friend?

    100% of Recess Players Said Yes After Playing In Our Recess Pop-Ups

    Top Voted Best Apects of Recess:

    1. Meeting New People
    2. Getting To Just Play and Run Around
    3. Getting Exercised Without Even Knowing It
    4. Getting To Know People Better
    5. Playing Fun Games

    Top Voted Favorite Individual Game Played In Session:

    1. Capture The Flag

    2.Common Things Game

    3. Name Game Ball Pass

    4. Dodgeball

    5. Red Light Green Light


  • Startup Awards

    • Recess is a startup at Harvard Innovation Labs
    • Awarded Fall 2023 Harvard University Innovation Lab Spark Grant (Highest Grant Amount)
    • Awarded Summer 2023 Harvard University Innovation Lab Spark Grant (Highest Grant Amount)
    • Awarded Spring 2023 Harvard University Innovation Lab Spark Grant
    • Incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab 2022-2023 & 2023- 2024 I-Lab Venture Incubation Program

    Supported By: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Harvard Innovation Lab, Industry Lab, CultureHouse, and The Volition Project.



  • Upcoming Recess Pop-Up Games

    Our 2023 Summer Pop-Up Games are Closed. Stay Tuned For Our Next Iteration of Recess!

  • A Gamehanger: Connecting Through Play

    Recess goes beyond mere recreation; it stands as a transformative force in adult socialization. In an era dominated by digital interactions, traditional avenues for meeting people often fall short, leaving millions yearning for meaningful connections. Recent data commissioned by Cigna reveals a shocking truth: over half of U.S. adults (58%) experience clinical loneliness.


    This is further intensified by limited opportunities for socializing beyond traditional avenues such as bars, sports, or online platforms. Increasing remote work environments as well as increased integration of social media further contributes to this challenge. Recess Games provides a unique, in-person platform that breaks down barriers to modern adult socialization.


    In alignment with an 85-year research study by Harvard, which identifies social fitness through positive relationships as the top contributor to a happier, healthier life, the essence of our approach lies in promoting social engagement in an organic manner—free from the small talk and distractions of phones. Recess encourages adults to build relationships through play, harking back to the original playground connections formed in childhood.

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    Recess is a startup at Harvard Innovation Lab.
  • For Companies

    "Recess Games" are a great way for team and community building - whether for the employees at your company, the crew at your restaurant, or your colleagues at your next retreat.


    Let us know if you would like to book the Recess team to create a Recess Game session just for you!


    P.S...people tend to bond more when they are having fun
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    Childhood Is Not Over, Playtime Is For Everyone

    Exercising Should Not Be Hard Work, You Deserve To Have Fun.